Do we need money to live?

Do we need money to live as a an artist?

The answers are complex and not easily delivered.

The extreme cutbacks in the arts in the last few years have engineered an essential metamorphosis of my practice, one that is underwritten with the need to develop a sustainable income, whilst not compromising my principles. This essential transformation has demanded of my husband and I a series of dramatic undertakings and an uprooting, and it may take years for us to re-establish equilibrium.


My work is no longer one unbroken thread of research and development into environmental issues, funded by ACE, councils and charities, but now a commercial version of the fundamentals that guided my practice. This has enabled the essential core of my being as an artist to develop work for myself, and then only for exhibition when I require it, rather than a condition of the funding. The allocation of space and time for art – my sanity one could say – is a prerequisite, but one that is not easy to justify when the demands of the commercial occupation dominate.

Do we need money to live?

Do we need money to live as a an artist?

Curious about my new venture? Then visit my new gallery in North Norfolk – Utopia: The Unexpected Gallery is at Creake Abbey, North Creake, Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 9LF.

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This Saturday my two worlds collide when the Norfolk & Norwich Open Studios event commences at our gallery. For two weeks there will be many unexpected combinations and happenings and it would be great to see you there.

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