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There is a stillness that belies the fluttering of broken wings.

Travel to Riga in Latvia between 26 March and 31 May and you will be able to experience an extraordinary exhibition at the Stradins Museum. http://www.mvm.lv/en/galerijas/

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Fabrica Vitae

http://www.fabrica-vitae.com/ and http://www.vesalius-continuum.com/

A touring exhibition about the fabric of life inspired by Andreas Vesalius 1514-1564

The exhibition aims to question what we consider the role of Art and Anatomy to be today by reflecting how it is perceived now and its possible path in the future.  Five hundred years ago Vesalius was at the vanguard of anatomical research – Fabrica Vitae evokes his spirit in pushing the barriers wide open to examine new frontiers.

For the exhibition, Alternative Perspectives: Genius Loci (fly), was selected for inclusion in the Stradins Museum venue. 


Paradoxical interconnectedness: Alternative Perspectives: Genius Loci (Musca domestica) contemplates a fractured reality where the relationship between the natural world and the anthropocentric compass reveals a dishevelled mourning. The housefly’s compound eye forms the corporeal structure for housing a window in which the planes of light and perspective are confused.

The duality of being: where science and art informs and nurtures our quest for expansion to the physical and metaphysical worlds that we inhabit, whilst the magnitude and monumental narrative of the planet ignites wonder, yet conversely, endows a sense of insignificance to mortal man.

Digital photomontage printed on aluminium

500 x 500mm