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Science Learning+ The Wellcome Trust has launched Science Learning+ to support collaborations between researchers and practitioners of informal learning. This new scheme will provide £9 million of funding to help us better understand the value and impact of science learning outside the classroom. Holly Story from the Wellcome Trust Education and Learning Team gives an insight into the aims of this ambitious scheme.

Around 80% of a child’s waking hours are spent outside of school. That’s a big chunk of time, especially when you’re eight years old and the summer holidays are stretching out in front of you, and children don’t stop learning when they leave the school gates. This time is a fantastic opportunity for children to learn in different contexts and through more informal channels: through activities or events, festivals or games.

Edinburgh Internation Science Festival Launch 2010 Image credit: Jill Todd

The science engagement community in the UK provides many exciting and innovative opportunities of…

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