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“Science is a quest for the most intimate understanding of nature.  It is an adventure of the free and enquiring spirit that thrives not so much on answers as unanswered questions.  It is the enigmas, the mysteries and paradoxes that take hold of the imagination, leading it on the most exquisite dance.”

The Rainbow and the Worm                                         Mae-Wan Ho 2008

rust-on-paper2-nest-webAre you a scientist?

Are you an artist?

What do you see?

I am currently reading The Rainbow and the Worm, or in truth I am trying to understand this scientist’s viewpoint to gain a basic level of the physics of microorganisms. The writing is quite poetic in places, as I hope this quote illustrates, but when Mae-Wan steps from the rhythmic prose to the real science of equations etc I involuntarily glaze over – my brain does not understand the language. This cognitive response is making me question whether I need to comprehend, or should I accept my role as an artist is different from that of a scientist? Both disciplines attract people with enquiring minds but with different strengths. So should I glean what I can from the study and focus on my skill set or push to fathom scientific phenomena?