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I have just finished reading Art and Science written by Siân Ede – have you read it?

The last chapter had the strongest resonance when she discussed the understanding of multiple realities and how the two disciplines approach this concept.

“Artists don’t aim for a reductive simplicity but they, too, have an encompassing sense of what Coleridge called ‘cohaerence’ – ‘the clinging together’ of all the elements in a work to make some kind of whole which is psychically satisfying.  This is not to suggest that there is an ultimate fixed reality to be found but the artist’s personal vision will re-inform and reinvent a view of it, sometimes honing in on things that are apparently redundant and inconsequential and paradoxically presenting us with a coherent reflection of a corner of reality that we perhaps should not overlook.”

Art and Science 2005  Siân Ede


This image from Monch beautifully illustrates the notion of fractured realities but which disfiguration on the link do you identify with?