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I am currently reading The Rainbow and the Worm written by Mae-Wan Ho

(at the suggestion of blogger Celia Wilson) to attempt a basic understanding of the physics of organisms.

Ho says,

“Science is an adventure of the free and enquiring spirit that thrives not so much on answers as unanswered questions.  It is the mysteries, the enigmas and paradoxes that take hold of the imagination, leading it on the most exquisite dance.”

The same statement could be made about much contemporary art and therefore it seems an appropriate read on my way to meet microbiologist and artist Dr Simon Park at the University of Surrey. I have been fortunate to receive a New Collaboration Bursary from A-N to explore the potential of working with Dr Park on a new project that combines art and science.

key-detail atomic-equilibrium-end-detail-with-key atomic-equlibrium-front atomic-equilibrium-top-view

My approach embraces the cohabitation of art and science and how this relationship enriches both my artwork and a wider understanding of the world.  The gaps and the differences in our experiences deliver fractured realities that profile the earth as an enigma.  To try and unravel this mystery I research and collaborate with specialists from other disciplines including scientists and geographers when the tension between approaches, objective scientific verses subjective artistic, the latter further skewed by emotional and philosophical underwriting, creates dynamic outcomes that ignite curiosity and debate.

Together, both disciplines aim to capture an appreciation of the less visible imprints but as free spirits the way ahead is unknown.

Photographs: Top – research inspiration  

Others –  sculpture Atomic Equilibrium

Atomic Equilibrium 2013

Everything is made of atoms – finding the balance – an eternal quest

Dimensions: 20 x 36 x 16 cm

Materials: old wooden picture frame, found discarded door lock, hand forged nail