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What is the value of drawing?

I have been invited to deliver a seminar, followed by tutorials, about the value of drawing in my art practice, to MA Architecture students at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston.


I love drawing – the task consumes me completely – the daily grind disappears when magic happens in my hand. Transposing traditional drawing skills to the computer tablet, with my initial reservation dissipated, as the electric pen becomes both marker and eraser, has not eclipsed my passion. Drawing is really about looking and communicating effectively – not a casual glance but an intense seeing into the depths of something and understanding its relationships within itself and its surroundings – a kind of drawing out followed by editing.  Analysis of what elements to record and how to execute them is as fundamental a skill as the quality of seeing.


As a sculptor I harness the process of drawing to understand my subject better – to start the relationship by looking – thinking – looking and looking again, before putting a mark down. There is real joy felt when the visual research narrates the subject as my brain configured it – practice is my ally.

pig-drawing-profile-web pig-rear-web

Drawings above – two rope studies in fine liner and two pig studies in charcoal.