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oak wood 1We all know that the essence of nature is flow, but I think we sometimes forget this in our quest to find certainties, answers, stability.

In a yoga class yesterday the (very bendy) teacher triggered a realisation in me when he refuted the names we use to describe our bodies. Rib Cage? It’s not a cage: it’s flexible, more like a basket. Spinal Column? Again, it’s so flexible and responsive, it’s like a spiral, a spring.

This attitude set me thinking about the fact that nothing in life, in nature, is static. As humans when we become static, and stop moving, we lay the seeds for ill health, resistance, discomfort: this is similar in nature, if and when we try to constrain it. The natural way (what has been called Tao) is to find form within form, to express and grow within the space and conditions available. Trees send…

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