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I wrote a little bit about Bajau people (sea gipsies) in a previous post. They are an indigenousethnic group of Maritime Southeast Asia, leading a seaborne lifestyle. Studies on some  children from Thailand and Burma, living in similar communities, show that they have unusually good underwater-vision because their eyes have adapted to the liquid environment.

Children of Bajau spend a lot of time in the water since they are born. They play here, swim and dive, like there was almost no difference between land and water for them. During the low tide, they take some plastic bowls and strainers and go into the water to look for food. “Seapood seapood!” – they scream showing me a strange creature they just caught in the water (they pronounce “p” instead of “f”).

They point to my feet and show their flip flops, warning me, that it’s dangerous to walk around in the water without them. They carefully…

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