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I have discovered a rather wonderful new environmental organisation and gallery in Brighton – http://onca.org.uk/  ONCA currently have a call-out for artists interested in creating work examining our relationship with plastic for the exhibition INorganic – this got me thinking about oil and our obsession with it, and how we are willing to ravage nations, start wars and decimate wildlife in our pursuit of possession of the liquid gold.

What are your thoughts?

feathers-on-shore-B&wI took this photograph of feathers washed-up by the tide earlier this year – the imagery struck a cord with me, although at the time the reason was a mystery to me.  It now forms the foundation for my research into oil slicks and how our fixation with oil transcends all others.

Good sources of information about the effects of oil on seabirds can be found here http://bird-rescue.org/our-work/research-and-education/how-oil-affects-birds.aspx


I have been experimenting with found feathers embedded in dyed resin to simulate the blackness of oil. The samples above show how the resin beautifully envelopes the feathers echoing the slick’s deadly characteristic. The left sample suggests how the marauding oil flows into clean water and the birds, abstracted to feathers, gradually become saturated and submerge.

The photo-manipulation below evokes the kind of visual message I am aiming at.

feathers on shore 2I will post again when the new sculpture is complete.