My namesake takes centre stage here and reveals my wonderful habits – erghhhhhh!

Exploring The Invisible


This exploration was inspired by the current hot weather and the thought that two other life forms seem to benefit from it.

The blue bottle fly, Calliphora vomitoria (the latin name says a lot about it) is a very common and cosmopolitan insect, with which we share many of our environments. This fly seems to be equally at home feeding on rotting bodies, faeces and our carefully prepared food and this, and other habits make it an unparalleled vector for transmitting disease.  It prefers to swallow liquid food, and usually regurgitates ingested material in order to liquefy its meal and to facilitate digestion. In this manner flies can contaminate clean surfaces with approximately 0.1mg of food per landing.  In addition, droplets of bacteria rich faeces may be deposited during feeding, about every four to five minutes. Finally, if a blue bottle has recently fed on faeces it may carry as many…

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