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If a painting is a movie running on a screen, a sculpture is a drama playing on a stage. Sculpture gives an audience and the artist more directions to evaluate. The audience can go inside a sculpture or come out of it to look at it. The artist’s message is a key for the audience to open their own door to experience the sculpture in 360 degrees. Sometimes, the audience will become part of a sculpture or participate in it. There is no limitation of the imagination of what a sculpture means to each individual audience. Sometimes, the imagination can pass through the timeline to see the elements from a different time or space.

Gong Yuebin in conversation with Jac Scott, 2013

(I created the photomontage above from original photograph of a derelict house in a village in Norfolk)

Chinese born, USA based, sculptor Gong Yuebin is just one of 28 extraordinary sculptors from around the globe that I am writing about in my new book about mixed-media sculpture.  Find more of Gong’s work here http://www.gongyuebin.com/


Detail of Site 2801, Gong Yuebin