Art and science working well together studying water

Exploring The Invisible

I have a new project with artist Sarah Craske that seeks to explore the nature of water. The chemical properites of pure water are universal, and unchanging,  and what gives natural water courses their identify and unique characteristics is what exists within it and between the spaces of its polar molecules. The project seeks to reveal these defining elemental signatures. The images here are from tests for processes for the project. They reveal natural differences in the colour and turbity of different waters and after the addition of a universal pH indicator striking differences in pH. Here are the waters:

  1. Brown and  tannic  pool,  Shatterford, New Forest
  2. Red muddy ferric  pool, Shatterford, New Forest
  3. Brown and tannic pool, Shatterford, New Forest
  4. Brown and tannic pool, Shatterford, New Forest
  5. Beaulieu River water, Bucklers Hard, New Forest
  6. Seawater, Lepe Beach, New Forest
  7. River Itchen water, Tumbling Pool, Twyford
  8. Thames River water, Trinity Buoy Wharf, London


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