Science and art meld to create a fantastic palette of living paints – extraordinary work by Dr simon Park.

Exploring The Invisible


C-MOULD, the world’s largest collection of microorganisms for use in the arts, with over 50 different kinds of microorganism. We have bacteria and fungi that glow in ethereal shades of green and blue light, bacteria that make gold and electrically conductive nanowires, and bacteria that produce biotextiles. We also possess the largest collection of pigmented bacteria. Here is the palette of living colours that is available through C-MOULD. Behind the obvious colour,  each bacterium has its own unique personality  and  history (see below) and when used in paintings each one adds it own character to the work.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa  (green)This bacterium has a split personality. It is very common in soil and is able to live a blameless life here. However, if it is provided with opportunities (such as failings in the host’s anti-infective defence) it will cause disease in most living things, including humans, and accordingly it has been described Nature’s pre-eminent universal pathogen.


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