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Who says size doesn’t matter – scale is one of the most important tools for sculptors – so if you’re into micro or even macro then you’ll be astonished at Japanese artist Takahiro Iwasaki  work. I saw his exhibition at the Cornerhouse, Manchester and it was fabulous. Now I am writing about him in my sculpture book.

You may never look at the potential of a toothbrush the same again.


Manipulating scale is also of prime importance to British sculptor Rachael Allen – she makes tiny sculptures of personal vehicles, like this wheelchair, to raise issues about the human viewpoint towards ill health. Extraordinary craftsmanship and detail – so she’s in the book too.   http://rachaelallen.com/


And then there’s the Argentinian artist Liliana Porter http://www.lilianaporter.com/  just wonderful witty juxtapositions – yep you guessed it, she’s in my book too.