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Today I am busy writing about extraordinary artist Kate MccGwire who I am featuring as one of the twenty-eight sculptors in my new book on mixed-media sculpture.  MccGwire creates haunting curvaceous sculptures that are truly breath taking, and all are made with feathers, yes feathers. Visit her website to see how wonderful her work is – you will be astounded!  http://www.katemccgwire.com




Site specific installation by Kate MccGwire at Tatton Park, Cheshire 2011

And so in line with all good researchers I looked at which artists had worked with this material before. (Regular readers of this blog will know I love feathers too, but tend to use the odd one sparingly in my work – almost too precious to use). Now I am a fan of German sculptor Rebecca Horn’s upside down piano since I saw it at Tate Modern many years ago – it really does make you question “is it safe to go underneath it?”piano

Anyway, her work with feathers turned into performance in the 1970 – 80s as a way of animating her sculptures. The work is strangely beguiling as she cocoons herself with wings and fans. But, the work that captured my ‘you don’t have to be crazy but it helps’ badge is the work shown here and to be really honest, I love it. How about you?

umbrella upside down rebecca horn hospital bed reb horn corner