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Beautiful Dystopias Collection 2012-13

Alternative Perspectives     A collection pf photomontages developed harnessing the scanning electron microscope at the University of Central Lancashire, (during my residency there 2011-13), to create magnified images of objects, plants and creatures. These photographs form a foundation layer that is manipulated in Adobe Photoshop program, with the juxtaposing of additional imagery to make social commentary about the way we live and our relationship to the earth.

Heart-of-Darkness-graniteAlternative Perspectives: Heart of Darkness (foundation image of fragment of granite brought back from China)

Hidden remains break the surface to reveal the many lives lost whilst extracting precious metals, minerals and rare earth elements to feed our insatiable appetite for new technology and luxury consumer goods. Mining of these valuable minerals has an allure for the profiteer to pay scant attention to the health and welfare of its workforce.  Whilst the poor peoples ignore safety in preference to eking out a living, by digging with their rudimentary equipment, to find a few nuggets that will mean food on their tables.