Art and environment embraced down under


Earlier this week, I attended a stimulating event – the EcoArts Australis Conference, held in Wollongong. EcoArts Australis is a new organisation based in Wollongong that aims to bring together environmental and arts practitioners to use the arts in creative ways to promote sustainability. The conference was their first significant event.

EcoArts Australis formed when environmental and arts practitioners came together to use the arts in creative ways to promote environmental sustainability. It is based in Wollongong, New South Wales Australia.

EcoArts Australis draws on the experience of people working across the natural resources and arts sectors across Australia. It includes ecologists, environmental managers, specialists in museum management, environmental theatre, community facilitation, the visual, performing and community arts, project and event management and monitoring and evaluation.

I came to the conference expecting an experience that would stretch my emotions as much as my mind, and I wasn’t disappointed. Indeed, the…

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