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“Critical art is an art that aims to produce a new perception of the world, and therefore to create a commitment to its transformation. This schema, very simple in appearance, is actually the conjunction of three processes: first, the production of a sensory form of ‘strangeness’; second, the development of an awareness of the reason for that strangeness and third, a mobilization of individuals as a result of that awareness.”
― Jacques RancièreDissensus: On Politics and Aesthetics

New work – Genius Loci

This digital photomontage takes the image of a fly’s compound eye, magnified 150 times, I photographed this using a scanning electron microscope.  Inserted ‘inside’ the eye is  a window of an old farm building that intrigued me with its dark interior and a small rectangle of light on the opposite wall.  It an image of hope.

What do you see?