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“To communicate is to be alive, to be active, in relation with others…For communication is essentially an interchange, a question and a reply, an action and a reaction between an individual and the environment in which he lives.”

Maurice Fabre      A History of Communications

Our preoccupation with computer technology creates a symbiotic relationship that endorses a dependence on staying in touch by harnessing electronic media as the vehicle – but is this preference an opt-out or opt-in for meaningful dialogue?  Text messaging, emails, blogging, social networking using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin etc all require writing and yet our literacy standards are going down – is the power of the written word changing to mere elemental levels?

Does the sequestration of  technology limit our ability to communicate with our environment and therefore inhibit our understanding of the natural and untamed? The irony of posting this on my blog is not lost on me but the query is a genuine one for a dialogue on the subject – what do you think?

The image below was taken of a fragment of moss using a scanning electron microscope at the University of Central Lancashire during my residency there. The digital montage features computer mice collaged onto the photograph to mimic the seed pods growing out of the plant.

The work was shown as a research drawing for my Beautiful Dystopias exhibition in Preston last month.