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moving-webThe life of a sculptor can appear romantic from a distance, but even the most ‘rosy spectacled’ people this week might see the true vocation – as a removals man. Yes I spend my time moving objects around and around.  The cycle is endless; select objects, lift objects, then pack, load, drive, unload, unpack, arrange, rearrange, clear up, load, drive, unload, unpack, distribute, tidy, slump in a heap. Next day repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sometimes I actually get to make art.

This week has been particularly taxing as the debris from Lake Windermere, (for a commission) had to be relocated, two workshops had to be delivered and the Beautiful Dystopias exhibition in Preston had to be taken down and stored.

Oh yes, the pigs, they had to be moved too from the studio into a shed – they’ll be okay – they’re made of fibreglass and rubber.