Succinct and informative post that sums up why we should value bacteria more.

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We think we are pretty smart as humans. It wasn’t until recently that dolphins were considered non-human “people” by scientists due to their intelligence. But, I guess it all depends on your perspective…

A lot of federal research funding promotes the study of known, and unknown, bacteria. Some watch dog groups may ask why should we as humans care about bacteria? This is my argument.

As humans, can we live 30,000 feet above ground? Can we live 4km (~2 mi.) below ground? Can we “eat” rocks? Can we survive extended periods of time without food? The answer to these questions are, “No.” However, if the questions are focused on bacteria, then the answer is an astounding, “Yes!” Are these abilities to survive in extreme environments significant to us as humans? The answer is beyond our imagination at this point. Metabolically speaking, bacteria are orders of magnitude more complex than…

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