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This article connects with my toxicology research thread.
Last December I accompanied MSc Waste Managers on a research visit around a waste incinerator in Bolton. My post on 9 December 2012, beautifuldystopias.wordpress.com, recalls the mixed messages I was struggling with that day. The science seemed to stack up in favour of the furnace: the technologies to deal with the polluting emissions has been significantly improved, the calorific value of the waste varies according to the nature of the rubbish being burnt, so the amount of power it generates is variable, which is logical. In the UK we can no longer dump our unwanted possessions in the ground, as we have already filled in holes with our materialistic habits, so we need to seriously take a look at alternative methods. OR we could value what we have, buy better stuff that lasts longer, mend things, respond less to fashion and marketing drives to dispose and replace everything regularly. I wonder what will happen?