Following my research about bioindicators of air pollution this blog expands the moss thread.

Seeds Aside

That’s cool when requests coming here are direct questions. Eventually turning into posts of some sort…

Moss diversity

Such a recent question was “what are the two sexes of a plant moss?”. Well, the two basic sex functions are male and female, as long as gametes can be differentiated (big gametes are defined as female, small ones as male –both or none may be motile in plant species, so being able to move is not a feature that we can ascribe to a male gamete as we do in animals). That said, we know flowering plant species can express a wide diversity of co-expression of these sexual functions, resulting into sex phenotypes that vary from perfect hermaphroditism to a complete separation of sexes (that’s for the plant sex post).

The thing is that mosses are somewhat special. They spend most of their life cycle at a haploid stage (having…

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