Brilliant lateral and creative thinking – just the sort of ideas we all need to consider energy sourcing differently.

2013 Bonnaroo Music Festival Will be
Powered by 196 New Solar Panels

bonnaroo-logo-solar panels

When you pay for a music festival ticket, there are some fees that are simply annoying. (Twenty bucks for a processing fee? Are the tickets being hand-delivered by the Pony Express?!) But for this year’s upcoming Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee there is a ticket add-on we don’t mind shelling out for; thanks to an extra $1 tacked onto the price of individual admission, the Festival has installed a 50 kW solar voltaic system to power the 2013 celebration.


In previous years, ticket revenue for Bonnaroo has gone towards funding composting programs, a garden, and last year’s mobile “tower of power”. This year, the Festival goes solar with a brand-new PV grid. Managed by Encore Redevelopment from Vermont and installed by Knoxville, Tennessee-based firm Sustainable Future, the 196 SolarWorld panels are ready to power the next…

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