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Until our priorities change stories like the one here are going to increase.

If we want to end this then we must stop expecting an endless supply of energy- that means walking home in the dark, sitting by candlelight in the dark evenings, making only a few journeys by car or plane and enjoying warmth from a fire or central heating system on very rare occasions and of course not having the air-conditioning on when its hot, and not using the fridge, oven… you get the picture. It sounds medieval doesn’t it?
It’s interesting to note that in a lecture at uclan I heard that if all the lands currently used for food production were set aside for growing bio-fuels there would still not be enough fuel to ‘power’ the world. Oh yes, and of course most people would be starving!
Meanwhile, there is snow outside – I have my electric lights on of course because its dark, and the oil central heating is making my home nice and cosy, plus my husband has just driven home in his car, I used my hob and oven to cook dinner, but I don’t have an air conditioning – I live in England we never need it! I consume with a conscience, but I still consume. Difficult.