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What is the greatest crime?

It is easy to point the finger. We can all list aspects of life that might achieve the accolade, but on reading new research that the mapping of lead distribution shows correlation with crime is startling.  How can this be true – is it April Fools Day?

The sources and research are sound:



My posting on 21 November 2012 ‘Heavy Metal’, was not news – we have used lead and known of its toxicity since we started using it thousands of years ago. The causation for raising additional concern now is that the scientific research shows that the presence and absence of lead in petrol maps the levels of violent crime. Evidence that its extraction from petrol leads to a fall in crime is incredible – almost unbelievable. The study shows that countries where lead is still an additive in their fuel, (the product is known as tetratethyl lead), such as; Afghanistan, Algeria, Burma, Iraq, North Korea, Sierra Leone and Yemen are those most struggling with chaotic behaviour.

Knowledge of this cause and effect of this substance, and the deliberate action to prioritise profit over everything, the company selling the lead petrol are said to have bribed officials to be allowed to continue selling their toxic wares, is a real crime against humanity.