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Are you Sitting Comfortably?

“It isn’t so much as what’s on the table that matters as what’s on the chairs”.

William S. Gilbert

The chair has long been a metaphor for the human and many artists have utilised this motif to great effect. It is a powerful symbol I return to often in my work, its accessibility makes it a favourite with many.  I am currently working on remnants of a broken and battered wooden chair that I found washed up on the beach – its shabby paint and distorted form is alluring.  The assemblage is going to appear to be walking into the wall with flies crawling up one side of the back – I am thinking of calling it ‘Inertia’.

Trying to capture the mood of isolation of abandoned chairs, and the spirit of the location where I discovered them, has been a photographic passion for the last nine years.


The photograph above was taken in Dujiangyan, China in June 2012.  As I walked along a busy dual carriageway, that bypassed the city, dilapidated warehousing littered the perimeters, I spied this old, battered and poorly mended seat alone in the middle of a deserted pavement – discarded?  As I raised my camera, from nowhere an old woman grabbed the chair out of view. You can just see her hand appearing in the left of the shot as I frantically pressed the button.

fog web

‘The Pink Sofa in the Fog’ image above has been widely exhibited and appreciated. It was selected for publication in ‘Volume’ arts magazine to accompany a poem. Taken in Morecambe, Lancashire in 2008, on a foggy day, it evokes the dismal ambiance of the town that day.