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Well we are all burning everything now and still we don’t have enough power – what is the future going to bring?
Globally the greed for fuel to power our world is the prime motivator for the big players – identifying the key to domination as a secure energy source and supply. The race for shale gas through fracking is on, with some governments letting their avarice shield environmental and safety concerns away from the debate. The brilliant video made in the USA to petition against fracking is impressive – so I discussed the issue with energy scientists at UCLAN. The UK policy is restrictive with tight controls and therefore drilling for gas here is deemed safe – safer than the USA (?) – where the lobby against it is growing. Apparently, the operation is safer than coal mining and less toxic, wherever you live. Difficult to believe if you have seen the guy in the US having flames coming out of his tap.

Ed Davey has lifted a suspension on the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing, on the condition of strict seismic controls.

Fracking is set to be the next frontier for the UK’s oil and gas industry, after the government lifted restrictions on the controversial practice on Thursday, giving a green light to drilling that could produce billions of pounds worth of gas.

The first new site is likely to be at Anna’s Road in Lancashire, near three exploratory fracking wells that were closed after they caused Engineers look at the Cuadrilla shale fracking facility in Preston, Lancashiretwo minor earthquakes last year. Dozens more sites across the country could be licensed as ministers signaled their hope that shale gas would help to make up for the decline in North Sea gas supplies.

Ed Davey, the Liberal Democrat energy and climate secretary, said: “Shale gas could contribute significantly to our energy security, and reduce imports of gas as we move to a low-carbon economy. It…

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