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This article is VERY interesting – I have a personal interest, not only from my deep love of trees, but as for three years I owned a wood pellet boiler. Originally, I was seduced by the notion that I was doing my bit to save the planet – when my old oil bolier finally imploded, I did not buy another one. So, I took out a huge loan and converted the system to pellets.


What they don’t tell you, and I found out at great cost, is that the boliers need a lot of attention and upkeep. They are temperamental, (only certain expensive pellets work well or the machine clogs up with dust – these special pellets were only available from a manufacturer 200 miles away so the haulage footprint was high), also the calorific value (the heat you get ) is low for the amount of fuel burnt, so you have to burn it high and all the time, and the maintenance is high in time and costs.
Sometimes being right is wrong – being green is difficult, particularly with regard to energy. My research into different fuels reveal they are all with complications and ultimately a price to pay for the standard of power we desire.
Does anyone have positive story to relate about wood pellet boilers?
Maybe after reading the attached article on the Climate Connections blog you have a view?