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To burn or not to burn, that is the question.... hmmmm?

It is accepted thinking that man will always produce some waste that can not be reused, recycled etc and will need disposing of – the aim is to minimise this unwanted portion.  Traditionally, in the UK we have landfilled this waste, but as this option is removed due to our  insatiable consumption we have already used up all the available land, other options must be considered.

This week I accompanied MSc Waste Managers on a research visit to the incinerator in Bolton. I was undecided as to the balance of environmental value verse health damage, having a basic grounding in negative research from twenty years ago, but aware technologies had changed.

If all the information spoken by the plant manager about the process is correct, it does seem a viable alternative to landfill. We have strict monitoring and testing procedures in the UK – such evidence seems to support the safety of incinerators. A by-product of such plants is the generation of electricity, which after running itself, is sold to the national grid.  checking-furnace-fire-B&W-WEB OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA UP-TOWER2-B&W-WEB INSIDE-TURBINE-HALL-B&W-WEBWhat do you think?

This collection of images gives you an insight into the plant.