Beautiful Dystopias is an enquiry into the notion of ‘manscape’: a concept of an illusionary naturalness of the environment by humanity.  We fail to recognise our imprint on even the simplest land and seascapes often perceiving wild places as unmanaged and natural. Man stands aloof from nature, surveying the earth as a resource to be devoured and exploited, ignoring the dynamic undertow. We neglect our innate ability to connect with the earth, reducing our perceived sense of responsibility to work holistically with it.

Economic drivers form the underpinning priorities of every nation building a potent global financial epoch. Critically, there is an obvious conflict in the demand for infinite material growth, by the industrial and developing world, and the limits of the planet’s natural resources. The egocentric society’s increased wealth leads to the adoption of materialism as a new ‘quick fix’ religion offering immediate satisfaction on possession. The nature of the disposal culture illuminates the scale of the absence of responsibility in our mindscapes.

It is appreciated that our ways of being are often revealed in our relationship to our environs and to each other, and that the symbiosis is fragile and temperamental. The aim of this enquiry is not to offer a panacea or judgemental retort, (we are all culpable), but to investigate the inter-connectedness of humanity and the environment through exploring the less visible imprints, creating responses in art that make us think again.